q buf a (còpia) I’ve been interested in the art of movement since I was little. In my adolescence I found that dance provided a infinite path to express myself and have immersed myself in it since then.

I studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy and I work as Psychologist and Psychotherapist. I try to integrate my learnings of life in my dancing and job and viceversa. I’m actively involved in the degrowth activist network wich influences my dance and my job.

I’m specially interested in researching movement that comes from inside, in site specific dance, in dance as a creative conscious process, in emotional connections, in enriching my family relations, in the bounce of walking, in the silence of singing…

I enjoy playing and discovering myself in safe spaces. I enjoy when I move and I feel that I am a mammal within the tribe. I enjoy exploring the world through the innocent eyes of my son. I enjoy when I get in contact with things that I don’t enjoy so much. And I love things that make my soul dance.


In Small Awakenings I’m going to offer a secure space for parents to share different faces to her baby and relating trough the dance. Evereybody can have an opinion of the education, the behaviours that aren’t or not allowd… We will create a space to relax how we should be and play different ways of being in front of your baby.

We will strecht together and find ways to take care of our selves while being a mum/dad and play with the creativity of the dance and the present moment.

Also I will be there willing to hold the space and the organitzation of the event.


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