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  • Ibiza · 20-24 aug 2014

Small Awakenings

Small Awakenings is a “minimonkey” mini festival for kids and parents to explore authentic connections through the body, dance and play. Inspired by theories of Contact Improvisation, holistic education, conscious parenting, movement therapy and other child focussed somatic practices, these will be four days that will surely enrich you and your little ones. The next generation is here and they want you to come and play!

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A Touch & Play Project Collaboration  at Ibiza Contact Festival


The days of Small Awakenings are filled with interesting activities to engage and enliven the young and young at heart. We’ve invited a group of teachers working with the body from different angles to offer a wide range of ways to connect, play and dance with your little one(s).

The ongoing workshops take place in the mornings while the afternoons are reserved for different activities each day. We’ve also scheduled in some nice Spanish siesta time and of course plenty of opportunities to swim in the sea and play at the beach.

The group will be devided in to two or three according by age to facilitate the teaching and desides all the programmed workshops there are also a number supervised arts&crafts stations. Parents and children are futher invited to teach and share their favorite games and exercises during an open session each day.


Schedule for web 8jul14



Anne Marlijn Hauserer

Conscious dance

Queralt Jor Ba

Fighting for our lives

Daniel Hayes

Art therapy & Sensorial Theatre

Sara Berjón

Improvising with music

Yoav Ilan

Yoga for All Ages

Marta Malgorzata Migula



The event takes place on Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalan). It is the third largest island in the Balearic archipelago and the biggest island of the Pitiusses (Eivissa+Formentera). Located in the Mediterranean, known internationally and captivating many visitors each year. It is known for its good weather and beautiful landscape, combining beaches, mountains and valleys and for its crazy night life and strong traditional culture.

Small Awakenings is a four days journey for kids and adults that is part of the Ibiza Contact Festival, an artistic and social encounter in it’s 7th edition, and for a period of 21 days will congregate over 500 participants on our beloved island.
The Ibiza Contact Festival covers a series of proposals that attract people from around the world. Professional and amateur artists, dancers, those who love movement, improvisation, healthy habits and nature, those who seek learning and new experience scouts are some of the beings that pump life into the festival.
An international encounter where cultural riches are exchanged and generated. www.ibizacontactfestival.com

The event takes place in “Campament Cala Jondal” in the south of the island. It is surrounded by woodlands and a 5 minutes walk from a beautiful little beach.  You can find more information about the evenue in Practicalities.


Happy to see you are considering registering for Small Awakenings!

Below is a short form you will need to fill out in order to start the registration process.
Once you’ve filled in the form you will receive an automated email with payment instructions.
Only after we’ve received your payment will we be able to reserve your places.

Please note that as this event focuses on child-parent connections that you must bring at least one kid to be eligible to register.

This event is organised on a not-for-profit basis. Our prices have been adjusted to pay the mandatory per person camp fees and provide a reasonable income for those teaching at and organising the event. In case of a very high turnout teachers and organisers will receive a slightly higher per hour numeration. Our full price listing can be found here.

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pintant al del costat



Small awakenings is organised on a not-for-profit basis. We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible while still paying the camp fees and the Ibiza contact festival dues. We also try to take care of the teachers of this event and offer all of them a flexible per hour rate according to the number of families that come and play. Also, if everything goes well, there will be a few crumbs left for us the organisers. Below is the list of prices that we came up with and as we appreciate financial transparency you can further find our estimated costs and income here.

N.B. prices below include eating, sleeping and participation in all of the festival activities. Day tickets are not available and families are asked to come for the full length of the event.


Price list:*

  • Adults (12+ years): €230,-

  • Kids from (2-12 years): €125,-**

  • Babies (0-2 years): €35,- (N.B. while sharing their parents’ bed)

  • Island residents: (N.B. prices exclude eating and sleeping; camp food can be bought on a day to day basis when there)

    • Adults (12+ years): €45,-

    • Kids (2-12 years): €65,-

    • Babies (0-2 years): €10,-

* Prices for registrations until 31-7-’14. Please add €10,- to all listed prices after that date.

**For each second and third child you bring we offer a 10% additional discount (i.e. if you are coming with 3 children your first child would pay €125,- the second €112,50 the third €100,-). Any additional children also pay €100,-


Our meals during your stay at camp is designed for our best performance in physical activity . We seek the most varied offer that we can provide. The menu is primarily vegetarian (vegan option considers) and includes meat a few days. You can always find yourself comfortable .
The selection of the raw material is essential. We use mostly local and organic products (about 70%).
Sesame Ibiza Catering will be cooking for us, in charge of feeding us with love as they have being doing it since the Ibiza Contact Festival began in 2008.
Sesame Ibiza Catering was born with the idea of ​​honouring food from seed to table. We believe that a healthy natural and conscious feeding improves our days and our quality of life. We are a young and enterprising team of chefs in constant training, enthusiastically and believing in the things that give us health, happiness and good living.  www.abretusesamo.com

Meals Timetable

Breakfast 9-10h

Lunch 13-14h

Dinner 19-20h


How to arrive

The Cala Jondal Camp is located in the south of the Island on the edge of a nature reserve a within walking distance of a beautiful little beach. The camp can be easily reached by public transport from the Airport and port.

The Full instructions on how to arrive are provided on the Ibiza Contact Festival website : how to arrive and in Spanish (como llegar).

Address: Campament de Cala Jondal. Ibiza. Illes Balears. Spain




  • Reserving a place: The only way to guarantee a space at this year’s festival is to transfer the full registration fee to our account. We will then confirm you places with a week.
  • Registration confirmation: If we received your registration correctly, you will automatically be sent and email confirming your willingness to register and providing you with the necessary bank details to transfer the registration fee.
  • Payment: We strongly prefer the use of Bank to Bank transfers using the IBAN an BIC/SWIFT codes for al transactions. Please remember to provide your name and or email that you registered with. If after 7 days we have not received your payment we will remove you from our registration list and leave your space for someone else.
  • Refunds: a full refund, minus a €30,- administration fee, will be provided until Aug 1st. After this date no refunds will be provided under any circumstances

General Questions

  • HELPERS: We are not a professional organisation and host this even on a not-for-profit basis. We attempt to make the event as interactive and collaborative as possible which means that everyone can be asked to chip in on a practical level. For this reason we do not offer discounts to people offering to help us during the event.
  • TENTS: We are not authorized by the directors of the place to add extra tents.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: We will share the camp with the people from the Ecstatic Dance Festival. We will be able to participate in a number of their activities and likewise will invite them to join in a number of our workshops.
  • NIGHT ACTIVITIES: Amplified music is allowed until 24h, after this time any music will have to played very softly.
  • MONEY: The nearest bank is in Ibiza town, 15 minutes by taxi (which costs about €12,-) or at the airport. We recommend you bring some money as there is a chai shop that the Ibiza team are running and that sells excellent coffee, ice cream, cakes, chocolates, soft drinks and more.
  • SUPERMARKET: The nearest supermarket is about 4 km from the camp. Please bring everything you need for personal use such as shampoo, soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, etc.. The organization will not provide these items.
  • INTERNET: The camp facilities do not include internet service. The Ibiza festival organizers offer a limited connection to use WIFI internet on your own computer during a specific times of the day. (IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO WATCH VIDEOS!!!)
  • VALUES: We provide the option to hand-over your valuables on the first day (documents, money, etc. …) and we will keep them in a secure place. Access to these items will be limited until the day of departure.
  • FOOD: The festival offers 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a varied menu especially designed for the event. There will always be a vegetarian option. For your “little yummies” we open a chai shop (“chill chai”) where you can buy soft drinks, ice cream, cakes, chocolates, etc.
If after reading these questions, you still have something to ask that is not covered here,  please write to: info@touchandplay.org

See you soon! Thank you!







Terms & Conditions

Great to see you’re taking this seriously and reading what we hope to offer and what we ask from you in return. The Touch&Play Project organises many different events and we attempt to be as inclusive and giving as possible. We try to ensure that everyone can participate in the activities that interest them in a safe and collaborative manner. When you register we can, however, not guarantee a space in each desired workshop or activity. The teacher/facilitator and organizers are empowered to determine how many people they would like and who they feel comfortable teaching in any given circumstance. Because of the unique atmosphere and content at Touch&Play Project events, you are asked to moderate yourphotography and video recording. Please only take images of the surroundings, yourself and those that have given you specific permission to include them in your images. There will further be official event photographers and film-makers for documentation purposes. Participants can request not to be included in any of the images or footage and we will publish any photos or videofor review by the participants before making it more widely available. Anyone concerned may request the deletion of pictures or footage in which they appear. All material (audio-visual or other) created at any Touch&Play Project event falls under the following creative commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

‘Small Awakenings’ is designed for kids and adults, and we emphasize the importance of consideration and responsibility for your self and children you have registered with. The event does not guarantee day care and all children need to be accompanied by an adult. This adult is fully responsible for the actions of the child(ren) they registered.

We try to provide a safe environment for learning among all the participants. As an intensive event working with the body, intellect andemotions, we recognize that some kids and adults mayfind aspects of the program challenging or moving. To create a respectful, relaxed and safe atmosphere during the whole event, everyone is invited, to not only assure their own health, safety and happiness but also to assess and promote the security and joy of others at the event. It is our aim that as a group everyone at the festival and experiment is able to live and share a full and rewarding experience.

If, for whatever reason, after having completed your registration you will no longer be able to join us, a full refund, minus a €30,- administration fee, will be provided until Aug 1st. After this date no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

Participation in the event and attendance at the event location as well as in all other provided areas is at your own risk. If you plan to teach/present/facilitate or otherwise share you knowledge at the event you fully accept the responsibility that this brings and accept any liability claims that may result from this. The organizers, teachers, facilitators are not liable for any physical, emotional or material damages or injuries caused to your property, yourself or others. We do not take responsibility for any loss of property while attending. The event organizers hold the discretionary right to exclude, for whatever reason, anyone from participating in all or part of the 2014Small Awakenings festival.

All that said we really hope you come and help us make this event an experience you won’t forget.
The Touch&Play Project






If you have any doubts or would just like some more information we’re here to help.

for enquiries concerning registration related issues please write to: register@touchandplay.org

for general information or concerns please use: info@touchandplay.org

if you would prefer to speak to someone or are in a hurry please call us: +34-644028554

Hope that helps!