M9D0860fotos-viva-AmericaActress and Art Therapist specializing in sensory work.

After studying Drama and Art for 4 years in León, Spain, I trained, studied and worked for 7 years in the Teatre Sensorial de Madrid. Since 2007 I’ve been studying body awareness techniques and such as BMC, Yoga, Release, Feldenkrais, etc…
Currently my main interest is Contact Improvisation. In addition to my interest in the physical, The last 4 years I’ve also been training as a therapist at the school for Art Therapy in Málaga and following a TEI (Physical Exploration of the Interior) Psychology course in Madrid. Currently I teach Sensorial Theater and Drama in theatre schools and lead the creative processes at the ‘A Punto De Plumas’ dance company.


What is Sara offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

At Small Awakenings my main contribution will be to share with you a series of personally developed workshops where the senses are the protagonists. The activities are both for kids and parents, and besides being a lot of fun, they all contain offer opportunities for growth from and art therapy perspective. I will invite you to play, to come and enter our imagination where anything is possible, the senses open like flowers in spring, we discover ourselves in the dance of emotions.

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