IMG_8768Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, Itay has been practising and teaching CI worldwide for 10 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel. Choreographing independently for the last 10 years, Itay has been leading international projects of improvisational performances. Itay has been training in Aikido for the last 6 years, a practice he integrates into his CI research.

In the last few years Itay has been conducting CI workshops for little children and their parents and developing the ContaKids method.


What is Itay offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

 To play, to roll, to rely on, to let go, to fall, to get up, to laugh..

In class we’ll play fun games with our children which will involve lots of
touch and contact between the parent and the child. Those experiences might
give the child an opportunity to improve physical skills such as hanging,
climbing and rolling.

The learning process in the class is also one where we, as parents, learn to
rely on ourselves in the way we work and protect our child. It’s also a
chance for us to practice to allow our children to experience, discover and
learn new things by themselves.

Parents are not required to have dance or movement experience.




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