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Marta @ Small AwakeningsHolistic Yoga teacher, Creative Yoga for Children and Family Yoga teacher, Harpist

I was born in Gdansk, Poland. After studying cultural anthropology at the University of Poznan, I dedicated myself fully to practice and study all aspects of Yoga, as well as ritual theatre, body expression and music (the harp). I’ve studied Sivananda, Anusara and Yoga Integral. Currently I´m experimenting and studying Shri Vivek Yoga unde the guidance of self-realized Swami Vivekananda. Yoga for Children, apart from my own inner child, I learned with Lisa Howe (How to teach yoga through stories) and from Gurudass Kaur (Childplay Yoga).

In parallel I developed my love for dance, movement and music. I´ve completed the “Laboratorio” – School of Dramatic Body Expression and followed a teacher training with Jessica Walker, in Barcelona. I´m also a certified biodanza facilitator. One of the big inspirations for me have been Atsushi Takenuchi’s butoh workshops. I play meditation and relaxation music on the celtic harp and have recorded a CD called “Water Landscapes” with the musician and composer Miguel Angel Aldunce.

Six years ago I started the incredible adventure of teaching Creative Yoga for Kids, and Kids and Parents. This experience´ve offered me the space where I can integrate and harmonize my passion for yoga, expression, music, and for the diversity of human culture as a cultural anthropologist. Because teaching yoga allow me to travel I adapt local legends and write stories that tell about other cultures for children to experience Yoga. I give Yoga for Kids and Parents classes in Barcelona, and sometimes in Poland. I organize teacher´s trainnig of Creative Yoga for Children, where I share my method and stories.

Yoga Classes for all ages

The classes will be an adventure following a story. We will be illustrating and experimenting the story through yoga, creative movement and expression. we will share some yoga exercises with your child, developing not only strength, balance and flexibility, but also trust, self-confidence, having fun, enjoying creating together. There will also be time for centring and deep relaxation.


The harp music I play is very soft and delicate, calming. Ideal to listen before going to sleep. So I invite you in the evening for a little harp relaxation.

Yoga for all ages at Small Awakenings



I was born in Ubeda, Spain “The renaissance city” … I’ve loved rhythm, singing and dancing since I came into the world…. I’ve always made songs with everyday instruments and recreated the sounds they produced with my voice. At the same time I would  create choreographies to the rhythm of a wooden spoon drumming on a pot or pan… I come from family of artists, musicians, singers and dancers…

From a very young age I learned how to dance Flamenco and later on I studied Spanish Dance. Later life took me to Madrid to study sign language and interpretation where I joined the rhythm and percussion company Mayumana, playing percussion and singing … this experience helped me to go deeper into the world of BODY MUSIC. I gave it this name because I incorporate musicality that the voice gives us and rhythm that comes through our natural “drumsticks” the hands playing on the body … I had the honor of meeting Keith Terry, a great sage of body percussion who gave me a lot of freshness and rhythms that  connected me with a spiritual depth beyond the physical sensation in the body and tht experience provided me with a more holistic vision of BODY MUSIC
Living in Ibiza gave me the opportunity to develop my voice and, with the help of my guitar, I started writing my own songs and performing in public. Today I sing, dance, play and slap with a smile to remain that girl who pays attention to every sound of life.



Discover your closest and most precious musical instruments; your body and your voice. Together we will have fun exploring rhythms from around the world: swing, rap, funk, flamenco, samba, etc…
Come and find out how your instruments, your singing voice and your inner artist sounds like.


M9D0860fotos-viva-AmericaActress and Art Therapist specializing in sensory work.

After studying Drama and Art for 4 years in León, Spain, I trained, studied and worked for 7 years in the Teatre Sensorial de Madrid. Since 2007 I’ve been studying body awareness techniques and such as BMC, Yoga, Release, Feldenkrais, etc…
Currently my main interest is Contact Improvisation. In addition to my interest in the physical, The last 4 years I’ve also been training as a therapist at the school for Art Therapy in Málaga and following a TEI (Physical Exploration of the Interior) Psychology course in Madrid. Currently I teach Sensorial Theater and Drama in theatre schools and lead the creative processes at the ‘A Punto De Plumas’ dance company.


What is Sara offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

At Small Awakenings my main contribution will be to share with you a series of personally developed workshops where the senses are the protagonists. The activities are both for kids and parents, and besides being a lot of fun, they all contain offer opportunities for growth from and art therapy perspective. I will invite you to play, to come and enter our imagination where anything is possible, the senses open like flowers in spring, we discover ourselves in the dance of emotions.

Visit my website



Anne Marlijn HausererMy name is Anne Marlijn and I am 26 years old. Besides being a mom of a wonderful 1-year-old son I am also trainer in mindfulness for children. Mindfulness has been a part of my life for a long time, not necessarily in the form of a training but throughout my life growing-up it has played an essential role. When I was a young child I had a very difficult time concentrating at school, I was easily distracted and had a head full of thoughts. Together with my mother Eline Snel (author of the book Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents)) we started practising small exercises, which are now called mindfulness.
After high school I travelled for 5 years all over the world working with children in different settings. After a while the longing to start something at home for children grew bigger and I decided that I wanted to teach them mindfulness. Growing-up it helped me so much and I wish every child that they can be in the moment with whatever occurs, without wanting to change, push away or get sucked into feelings & thoughts.
I started with an 8 week MBSR training for adults that quickly let into a training for professionals at the Academy for Mindful Teaching. After training children for a few years I became one of the trainers at the academy for mindful teaching in the method Mindfulness Matters.


What is Anne offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

At Small Awakenings I hope to introduce mindfulness to children and their parent’s through workshops.The content of the workshops will be sensing your senses, on adventure in your body and compassion & self-compassion. During these workshops children will experience an introduction to mindfulness and being in the moment without judging trough different exercises.
For parents there will be a different program. This will contain how can you stay mindful at home with your family. I will introduce them to the parent book and several exercises for themselves as well as their children. How can you motivate children without pushing them? How can you stay mindful yourself while your work might be very busy.




yoav 1Pianist, Composer, Dancer.
B.A Master in Piano performance from the JAC music academy.
Composed original music for Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Films.

Released 2 Solo Piano Albums:
2012 “Intimate Preludes For Piano” (An Album of improvisation, inspired by Contact Music)
2013 “Stories Without Words”

Creator of the “Yoav Ilan Piano Method” for learning and improvising the Piano. This unique method teaches you how to play piano with eyes closed. The method’s goal is to offer People, from all levels of experience, the possibility to create beautiful music on the piano in a very simple way. It is based on releasing the mind and finding a deep connection to our imagination, our body, our inner Rhythm, our breath and natural musicality.


What is Yoav offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

“Through music and sound, I would like to inspire people to move, dance and play.I will be open to be surprised. to feel. to be inspired by you.Your improvised movement will be transformed into improvised music and together we will create a nice moment.”

Yoav 4


DeeJay @ Nowhere T&P 2013My Name is Daniel and I started the Touch&Play Project almost 5 years ago to help broaden the concept of contact improvisation and to promote its use as a potent tool in the creation of authentic relations with oneself and others. My curiosity has shifted over the years starting with a desire to bring the “(al)chemical” body in to our dances, to a curiosity about the need for community in our intense yet fleeting physical encounters. With the birth of my first son my interest has shifted again and now I find myself looking for ways to communicate and connect with him through our bodies. By helping to organise this event I hope to share my experience as a somatic researcher, and my curiosity as a brand new dad to create a space that feels safe and stimulating to deepen the understanding and connection we have with our children. I very much hope that both you and your little one(s) have an unforgettable time and that what you take home with you from this festival will resonate in the way you relate for the years to come.


Fighting for our Lives

Playfighting and wrestling with our kids, besides being loads of fun and a good work out, is an important tool in the development of our little ones. Most mammals engage in rough and tumble play when they are young and research with monjeys and laboratory rats has shown that those who were stopped from doing so developed difficulties in estabilishing healthy social relationships during adulthood. For us humans playfighting with our parents, siblings and friends teaches us key skills to become confident and succesful social animals all the while strengthening the relationships with those we play with. Studies have shown that playfighting can increase problem solving skills and reduce the chance of actual aggressive confrontations in children. In specific three life skills are learned through playfighting: control of strong impulses within one self, decifering the emotions of others and realizing transmitting ones own feelings. For more information on this topic check out “The Dad Factor” by Richard Fletcher.

In this experimental workshop we will create various imaginary worlds where we will litteraly have to fight for our lives against dangerous creatures from outerspace, wild animals and angry post-apocalyptic robots. We will mainly focus on parent-child interaction but also try a number of group scores. And to add evenmore fun to the mix we invite everybody to bring their own soft and imaginary weapons (pillows etc.) for a final grand showdown…

This workshop is especially recommended for all you dads out there.


q buf a (còpia) I’ve been interested in the art of movement since I was little. In my adolescence I found that dance provided a infinite path to express myself and have immersed myself in it since then.

I studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy and I work as Psychologist and Psychotherapist. I try to integrate my learnings of life in my dancing and job and viceversa. I’m actively involved in the degrowth activist network wich influences my dance and my job.

I’m specially interested in researching movement that comes from inside, in site specific dance, in dance as a creative conscious process, in emotional connections, in enriching my family relations, in the bounce of walking, in the silence of singing…

I enjoy playing and discovering myself in safe spaces. I enjoy when I move and I feel that I am a mammal within the tribe. I enjoy exploring the world through the innocent eyes of my son. I enjoy when I get in contact with things that I don’t enjoy so much. And I love things that make my soul dance.


In Small Awakenings I’m going to offer a secure space for parents to share different faces to her baby and relating trough the dance. Evereybody can have an opinion of the education, the behaviours that aren’t or not allowd… We will create a space to relax how we should be and play different ways of being in front of your baby.

We will strecht together and find ways to take care of our selves while being a mum/dad and play with the creativity of the dance and the present moment.

Also I will be there willing to hold the space and the organitzation of the event.



IMG_8768Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, Itay has been practising and teaching CI worldwide for 10 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel. Choreographing independently for the last 10 years, Itay has been leading international projects of improvisational performances. Itay has been training in Aikido for the last 6 years, a practice he integrates into his CI research.

In the last few years Itay has been conducting CI workshops for little children and their parents and developing the ContaKids method.


What is Itay offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

 To play, to roll, to rely on, to let go, to fall, to get up, to laugh..

In class we’ll play fun games with our children which will involve lots of
touch and contact between the parent and the child. Those experiences might
give the child an opportunity to improve physical skills such as hanging,
climbing and rolling.

The learning process in the class is also one where we, as parents, learn to
rely on ourselves in the way we work and protect our child. It’s also a
chance for us to practice to allow our children to experience, discover and
learn new things by themselves.

Parents are not required to have dance or movement experience.