Anne Marlijn HausererMy name is Anne Marlijn and I am 26 years old. Besides being a mom of a wonderful 1-year-old son I am also trainer in mindfulness for children. Mindfulness has been a part of my life for a long time, not necessarily in the form of a training but throughout my life growing-up it has played an essential role. When I was a young child I had a very difficult time concentrating at school, I was easily distracted and had a head full of thoughts. Together with my mother Eline Snel (author of the book Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents)) we started practising small exercises, which are now called mindfulness.
After high school I travelled for 5 years all over the world working with children in different settings. After a while the longing to start something at home for children grew bigger and I decided that I wanted to teach them mindfulness. Growing-up it helped me so much and I wish every child that they can be in the moment with whatever occurs, without wanting to change, push away or get sucked into feelings & thoughts.
I started with an 8 week MBSR training for adults that quickly let into a training for professionals at the Academy for Mindful Teaching. After training children for a few years I became one of the trainers at the academy for mindful teaching in the method Mindfulness Matters.


What is Anne offering at Small Awakenings 2014?

At Small Awakenings I hope to introduce mindfulness to children and their parent’s through workshops.The content of the workshops will be sensing your senses, on adventure in your body and compassion & self-compassion. During these workshops children will experience an introduction to mindfulness and being in the moment without judging trough different exercises.
For parents there will be a different program. This will contain how can you stay mindful at home with your family. I will introduce them to the parent book and several exercises for themselves as well as their children. How can you motivate children without pushing them? How can you stay mindful yourself while your work might be very busy.



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