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Marta @ Small AwakeningsHolistic Yoga teacher, Creative Yoga for Children and Family Yoga teacher, Harpist

I was born in Gdansk, Poland. After studying cultural anthropology at the University of Poznan, I dedicated myself fully to practice and study all aspects of Yoga, as well as ritual theatre, body expression and music (the harp). I’ve studied Sivananda, Anusara and Yoga Integral. Currently I´m experimenting and studying Shri Vivek Yoga unde the guidance of self-realized Swami Vivekananda. Yoga for Children, apart from my own inner child, I learned with Lisa Howe (How to teach yoga through stories) and from Gurudass Kaur (Childplay Yoga).

In parallel I developed my love for dance, movement and music. I´ve completed the “Laboratorio” – School of Dramatic Body Expression and followed a teacher training with Jessica Walker, in Barcelona. I´m also a certified biodanza facilitator. One of the big inspirations for me have been Atsushi Takenuchi’s butoh workshops. I play meditation and relaxation music on the celtic harp and have recorded a CD called “Water Landscapes” with the musician and composer Miguel Angel Aldunce.

Six years ago I started the incredible adventure of teaching Creative Yoga for Kids, and Kids and Parents. This experience´ve offered me the space where I can integrate and harmonize my passion for yoga, expression, music, and for the diversity of human culture as a cultural anthropologist. Because teaching yoga allow me to travel I adapt local legends and write stories that tell about other cultures for children to experience Yoga. I give Yoga for Kids and Parents classes in Barcelona, and sometimes in Poland. I organize teacher´s trainnig of Creative Yoga for Children, where I share my method and stories.

Yoga Classes for all ages

The classes will be an adventure following a story. We will be illustrating and experimenting the story through yoga, creative movement and expression. we will share some yoga exercises with your child, developing not only strength, balance and flexibility, but also trust, self-confidence, having fun, enjoying creating together. There will also be time for centring and deep relaxation.


The harp music I play is very soft and delicate, calming. Ideal to listen before going to sleep. So I invite you in the evening for a little harp relaxation.

Yoga for all ages at Small Awakenings